The Katz Watson Group is a full-service political and fundraising consulting firm. Our goal is to serve as a trustworthy liaison between you and your supporters so you can reach your political goals.

As a boutique consulting firm, we provide personalized, hands-on support to our clients, developing a tailored and unique fundraising program based on your individual needs. Our innovative ideas, collaborative approach, and personalized systems are designed to maximize your fundraising and political potential.

Since our founding in 1999, we have built an extensive and powerful network of relationships throughout the country, including the traditional Democratic donor community, labor union leaders, lobbyists, and government affairs officials. We focus on creating strong, long-term relationships between our clients and donors, as well as between our firm and our clients.

We have the knowledge, talent and experience necessary to effectively guide organizations and candidates running for local, state or federal office in meeting their financial goals and creating successful fundraising programs.

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