The Katz Watson Group

The Katz Watson Group provides expert fundraising and strategic planning services to Democrats and independent political candidates, organizations, party committees, and individual donors. Our mission is to help our clients meet their personal and political goals.


  • Provided fundraising services and strategic planning to more than 80 clients at the local, state and federal level
  • Led fundraising for a 2018 Senate campaign that raised a record $80.1 million, the most ever raised in a Senate campaign up until that time.
  • Raised over $78 million for a leading pro-Biden Super PAC during the 2020 cycle.
  • Founding member of numerous state and local political organizations dedicated to building the Democratic bench and bringing awareness to down-ballot races.

The Katz Watson Group

A full-service political and fundraising consulting firm. Our goal is to serve as a trustworthy liaison between you and your supporters so you can reach your political goals.


The Katz Watson Group offers a variety of political fundraising and strategic planning services.

Current & Former Clients

For over 20 years, we have worked with dozens of Democratand independent political candidates, political action committees, party committees, associations, individual donors, and others to help them reach their political and financial goals. This includes leading the fundraising for Presidential campaigns,competitive Senate races, key Congressional elections, and numerous down ballot races.

Our Team

When you work with the Katz Watson Group, you are guaranteed a solid, committed team of creative, communicative, and collaborative professionals.


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